Adhesive and sealant for Marine Industry

In ship and boat building, it is absolutely essential to durably and securely seal add-on components on deck and on the hull, as well as in the interior, against wind and weather. Poor workmanship can lead to corrosion, leakage and damage of the GRP laminate.

KÖMMERLING offers optimal product solutions for many different applications in ship and boat building.

Deckings consist of real wood, PVC or polyurethane. With real-wood deckings made from teak, it is particularly important to durably protect the joints against water intrusion.

For this application, adhesives and sealants must fulfil the highest requirements regarding UV, salt water and fresh water resistance.

Additional stress is caused by the wood itself (e.g., teak oil or tannins) resp. by the cleaning agent used to regularly clean the decks.

The joints of timber strip decks must allow permanent movement absorption and must be easy to process and sand at the same time.