bwh Cases – Guardian Case

The Power Pack by bwh cases: The brand new Guardian Case

Made of high-impact HDPE plastic the Guardian Case by bwh cases offers optimal protection,

even in rough use.

It is temperature resistant from -40°C to +80°C. The strengthened corners from semi-hard

plastic and profiles with additional impact protection operate shock absorbing. A new locking

system of high-impact plastic and an ergonomically formed handle are further advantages

regarding security and a high quality presentation. High comfort is guaranteed by

optional accessories like a trolley and running wheels.


Of course the Guardian Case is dust- and splash-proof (IP54),

but can be manufactured watertight (IP67) if preferred. Heat,

chill, water and physical power cannot do any harm to your

products as long they are inside the Guardian Case of bwh.

As individuality is very important to us, we manufacture

your personal Guardian Case by ordering only 200 pcs/year

in batches of 100 pcs, designed according to your required

dimensions and special needs, with impact protection in

your corporate color and logo on bottom and lid.