Engine mounted generator up to 8KW

12 Volt or 24 Volt direct current (DC), 230 Volt alternating current (AC ) and in the future 400 Volt as well.

Product Description

More than 500 solutions for various engines and vehicles. Every set undergoes vigorous reliability, functionality and durability checks e.g. temperature and vibration behavior at critical points.

Kfz_Martin115 Kfz_Martin355Kfz_Martin100

A complete engine generator kit including power electronics, mounting kit and wiring weighs between 25 and 45 kg and can deliver up to 8 kW (single-phase, 230 V).

The most our systems can be fitted by our customers, dependent on complexity. Our kits are designed with modern CAD systems from our construction department.

Technical drawings, exploded view drawings, parts lists and assembly instructions of our standard kits are provided to our customers to enable self-fitting.

Mobile Power brochure (PDF)


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