Company Partners

Producer of in-vehicle racking systems made entirely out of aluminium.
Offering a selection of hand tools and special automotive tools for over 45 years.
Manufacturer of user-friendly and environmentally sound devices for industrial parts cleaning and surface degreasing.
World’s leading brand in pliers.
Developer and producer of high-quality adhesives and sealants.
Leading supplier of vehicle components to the domestic and international commercial vehicle industries.
Producer of ascending and scaffold technology such as: Folding steps, Step and rung ladders, mobile scaffolds, Stairs, Platforms and Special solutions
Specialized in the development and manufacturing of extractor tools for non-destructive dismounting of gears, bearings, ball bearings and similar components in all areas of technology.

A Swiss-based manufacturer of furniture for workshops and warehouses.

Mastermover tow tractors, tow tugs, power dollies and electric power tugs allow you to move trailers, carts and trolleys over a level surface with an accurate level of precision.
A premium producer and market leader for carrying case systems and specific lamp solutions.
Well known producer of hydraulic fittings to office supplies and cleaning agents.
Leading manufacturer of high- quality crimping tools for professional users.
Leading Swiss technology company that develops and produces advanced service robots and moving systems.
Leading manufacturers of robust and professional measuring and testing equipment since 1953.
A Wilbar brand that produces high quality tools such as: nut driver, bit spanner, bolt extractor and ratchet ring spanner that impress with their perfect functionality, ergonomics and design.
High-end screwdriving tools such as Zyklop ratchet and the joke open-end wrench.